The University Of Tokyo Hospital, One Of The Best Hospital in the World

The University Of Tokyo Hospital
The University Of Tokyo Hospital

The University Of Tokyo Hospital – Hospitals are facilities at the forefront of treating people with problems with their health. With such a big responsibility, a hospital must have clear standards regarding service and the quality of its medical personnel.

In this world, several hospitals are famous for being good and having the best quality of treatment. However, the majority of these hospitals are in developed countries.

The University of Tokyo Hospital, Japan

The University of Tokyo Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Japan, even in the world. All medical personnel in this hospital have high community service and treatment standards.

This hospital also has a long history in terms of health services. As reported by its official website, in 1858, this hospital was established and began with vaccination services for the local community. At that time, the science of vaccines in Japan was new, so not all doctors could understand it.

Today, The University of Tokyo Hospital is one of the world’s most comprehensive and best hospitals. The ranking is given to the quality of treatment, service, and of course, the quality of the medical personnel working in the hospital.

Aim for “better medical care.”

The University Of Tokyo Hospital - Hospitals | The University of TokyoHospitals | The University of Tokyo
Hospitals | The University of TokyoHospitals | The University of Tokyo

The history of the hospital dates back to the founding of the Kanda Otamagaike Seed Pond in 1858. After reorganization, it was newly founded and moved to the former feudal residence of Kaga in Motofuji Hongo City in 1876 and became the University Hospital of Tokyo in 1877. It has been renamed. Therefore, it is one of the leading university hospitals in Japan, with a history of more than 160 years.

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Since the inception of modern Japanese medicine, they have produced many excellent human resources. They have contributed to developing medicine, medical care, and medical education. The mission of the university hospital is the three pillars of medical care, education, and research.

To do this, they have established the philosophy of “striving for the development of clinical medicine and training medical personnel and providing optimal medical care for individual patients” and (1) practicing medical care that respects the patient’s intentions. Their goal is (2) to provide safe care medical services, (3) to develop advanced medical care, and (4) to develop superior medical personnel.

They provided medical care for 640,000 outpatients (an average of 2,628 per day) and 340,000 inpatients (an average of 919 per day). The number of operations exceeds 11,000 a year, and the number of operations is one or two in national university hospitals. To support such treatment, in addition to doctors, nurses and pharmacists, there are many occupations such as management nutritionists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, radiology technologists, clinical laboratory engineers, clinical engineering engineers, and other medical staff, and administrative workers.

A total of more than 4,000 staff are employed. Perinatal medicine, pediatric medicine, organ transplant medicine, cancer medicine, intensive care for severe cases, treatment for incurable diseases, etc., will be further enhanced as the critical role of this hospital. In addition, as a bulwark for advanced medical care, they will continue to contribute to community-based medical care. Their hospitals are special-function hospitals providing advanced medical care (87 national facilities), core clinical research hospitals promoting high-quality clinical research (14 national hospitals), and core hospitals for genomic cancer treatment (12 national facilities ). All certified.

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World’s Best Hospital

In 2022, the World’s Best Hospital published by NEWSWEEK magazine is ranked as the No. 1 hospital in Japan and the 13th hospital worldwide. The hospital director feels proud. It is also a daily effort that all staff members work together; that is, even in daily medical care, the highest level of medical care to be proud of not only in Japan but also in the world is provided by the strength and comprehensive medical team. Concern that unites the collective strength of all departments. The hospital director is proud of it as proof of my existence. Everything puts the patient first, and they work with a strong desire to “aim for better medical care.”

The new coronavirus violence that has rocked the world since the beginning of 2020 is still ongoing. At this hospital, no nosocomial infections significantly impacted medical care. They believe this can only be achieved with proper infection control with the understanding and cooperation of all staff and patients. They will continue to play the role of a university hospital.

A medical perspective alone is insufficient to achieve “better medical care.” Many voices have been received from patients and their families. They received compliments, acknowledgments, and harsh opinions. Both are very valuable to us and must be returned to the clinic.


The University Of Tokyo Hospital
The University Of Tokyo Hospital

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