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47 Healthcare – Principles Of Nursing Ethics. Of course, nurses must know the ethics of nursing. It is important to know the principles of nursing ethics not only for nurses but also for future nurses. Ethics itself is the science of what is good and what is bad. Ethics concerns moral or moral rights and obligations.

Ethics can be an individual or group grip that helps coordinate behavior. Of course, as a nurse or future nurse, you need to know the ethics and the law of your profession. This is the basis for working in the community and providing nursing services. It is important to keep away from unnecessary things.

The principle of nursing ethics is ethics that requires a critical, systematic, and systematic attitude when reflecting on it. why? As mentioned earlier, ethics is science. The purpose of ethics is human behavior, which is ethics as a science. There are some nursing ethical principles that nurses and future nurses need to know.

A place to provide nursing services to communities, individuals, groups, and/or families. Here are some important nursing ethics principles you should be aware of:

Do good or grace,

Where these ethical principles of nursing require nurses to do good things. This can prevent errors and crimes, for example when a nurse advises a client on an exercise program to improve general health. However, because of the risk of a heart attack, the nurse advised not to do it.


This principle of nursing ethics is based on the belief that an individual can think logically. Also, adults can make decisions and make their own decisions that others must respect.

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Autonomy or autonomy is the right of individual independence and freedom and demands self-discrimination. One example that goes against the principle of autonomy is to tell the client that the condition is good, even in the event of failure or deviation.

Justice or justice

This principle is reflected in professional practice as nurses work for proper treatment by the law. Practice standards and correct beliefs for quality medical services.

For example, if a nurse is working and you have a client who has just joined the company and a client who needs help, the nurse should consider existing factors and act according to the principles of justice.

No harm or non-malicious

This nursing ethic means that it does not cause injury or physical and psychological harm to the client. For example, if the client states in writing that he refuses to give the doctor a blood transfusion.

At that time, the condition of the bleeding client was deteriorating and the doctor had to give instructions for a blood transfusion. After all, no blood transfusion was done because of this principle. However, in this situation, there is also abuse of non-malicious principles.

Keep promises and loyalty

This principle is a nurse’s great responsibility to promote health, restore health, minimize pain and prevent illness. To be able to achieve this, nurses must commit to keeping their promises and respect their commitment to others.

Confidentiality or Confidentiality

Confidentiality is information about clients that must be maintained. It’s like a documentary about the health of the client and can only be read for specific purposes. Nurses should avoid discussing clients outside of care.

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This principle of nursing ethics is a clear standard. When the expert’s behavior can be judged in an unclear situation. For example, nurses are responsible for their profession, clients, colleagues, employees, society, and of course yourself. If the nurse gives the client the wrong dose, he can sue the injured client.

Honesty or credibility

Where nurses must always tell the truth to all their clients. All healthcare providers, not just nurses, must be guided by this principle. Knowing the ethical principles of nursing is important for nurses or future nurses. This is to prevent nurses from making harmful and fatal mistakes.

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Principles Of Nursing Ethics

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