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What is Online Life Insurance By Sproutt 2022? Sproutt is a new life insurance company that reveals the ‘hidden’ healthy aspects in everyone to deliver personalized policies and policy buying recommendations.

Unlike the traditional life insurance industry, which penalizes individuals for harmful elements of their lifestyles, Sproutt uncovers and considers the positive aspects of each individual’s lifestyle.

Every element of your life is important—how you sleep, eat, and move. Using AI, Sproutt Quality of Life Index (QLI) will assess these behavior’s and allow us to offer you personalized policies seamlessly. Together, we love your life and honour all the qualities that make it unique. In just 15 minutes, discover great rates and fantastic coverage that celebrates you!

Quality of Life Index

Sproutt’s Quality of Life Index (QLI) assesses each individual’s lifestyle across five areas – movement, sleep, emotional health, nutrition, and overall lifestyle balance – and personalizes the buying experience of each policy based on the customer’s QLI score. An individual’s unique QLI score, Sproutt’s proprietary data layer, powers predictive customer understanding, personalized buying journeys, and tailored insurance offerings.

1. Movement 2. Sleep 3. Balance 4. Nutrition 5. Emotional Health

Sproutt Story

The data dynamics of the $130 billion US life insurance market are fascinating – people share data with insurers and pay premiums based on this data. Yet, there are massive inefficiencies when using this data for accurate pricing and product offering.

Taking into account all the data that people can easily share today, and precise data that captures people’s positive lifestyle choices, the opportunity to create personalized, accurate, and predictive insurance products that empower a better life, is what got us excited. That is why we launched Sproutt (formerly Aktibo) in 2018 – to harness Sproutt unique capabilities to address this huge market need and opportunity.

Today, we offer a straightforward ‘self-serve’ digital process for customers and agents that typically requires no medical exam, phone calls, or offline appointments to obtain life insurance coverage. Sproutt Agent Platform enables the 1.2 million insurance professionals in the US to offer tailored life insurance policies to their customers quicker and more efficiently. They can initiate sales, assess potential customers’ eligibility for Sprout’s most competitive policies, and sign them up on the spot.

Everything You Need to Know About No Exam Life Insurance

No exam life insurance is self-explanatory —Life insurance without needing a medical exam. You may have heard about it on your quest to find the right policy for you. However, you may have questions about the details.

What is No Exam Life Insurance?

While standard life insurance policies require a medical exam and take a long time to underwrite your application, We can obtain no exam life insurance without a physical exam or life insurance without a health check much quicker.

In addition, standard life insurance policies typically require a medical exam, whereas no exam policies are term life insurance policies without a medical exam. Therefore, no exam life insurance is an excellent option for people who don’t have time to go to the doctor, who hate needles or who need to get life insurance quickly, with no waiting period.

How it works

How it works - Online Life Insurance By Sproutt 2022
How it works – Online Life Insurance By Sproutt 2022

1. Quote

Answer a few questions and get a personalized quote

2. Application

Fill out an online application and get approved in real time

3. Coverage

Pay online using a credit card or ACH for immediate protection


An Entirely Online Process

Online Life Insurance By Sproutt 2022 - An Entirely Online Process
Online Life Insurance By Sproutt 2022- An Entirely Online Process

No exam life insurance can be purchased entirely online

Ideal when getting out of the house is impossible and dangerous. *

It takes just a few minutes and the online interface is easy and straightforward.

The process involves basic background questions. No invasive questions about your medical history, just brief, general health questions. (In the case of a GI policy, there are no questions at all.)

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