Nurse Function and Character – Important to Know

50 Healthcare – Nurse Function and Character. As nursing care providers, nurses help clients regain their health through the healing process. Nurses focus care on the health needs of clients holistically, including efforts to restore emotional, spiritual and social health.

Nurse Function

The nurse’s function consists of 3, namely independent, dependent, and interdependent. The function of this nurse is carried out by their role in providing nursing services and adapting to the real conditions of the patient. The following is a more detailed explanation of the nurse’s function.


The nurse’s first function is independent. In this case, nurses have independent rights in making decisions and taking the best actions based on nursing science. This independent action taken must be based on nursing science. In addition, decisions and actions taken by nurses will be the full responsibility of nurses without involving other parties.


The next nurse function is a dependent function that allows nurses to carry out orders from doctors such as infusions, administering drugs, taking blood samples, injections and so on. Different from the previous function which was the full responsibility of the nurse, in this function the doctor is fully responsible.


The last maintenance function is the interdependent function. In this function, nurses can collaborate with various other parties involved in the effort to provide the best health services, such as doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and experts to provide nursing actions to patients. For example, in treating a patient suffering from diabetes, the nurse will work closely with a nutritionist in determining the patient’s dietary needs.

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Nurse Character

In addition to fulfilling the roles and functions of nurses as previously explained, there are also several criteria that prospective nurses should have. These are the characteristics of nurses, some of which are as follows.

  • Care
  • Skilled
  • Active and communicative
  • Be patient
  • Painstaking
  • Be careful
  • Skilled
  • Friendly
  • Creative
  • Ethical

By having all the characteristics above, pursuing the nursing profession is not impossible anymore. No need to worry because the characters above are very possible to be trained and formed and prepared from an early age.

Thus an explanation of the role and function of nurses that you need to know. After knowing the role and function of nurses as well as some of the criteria needed to become a nurse, of course, it can be seen that the nursing profession is important and must always be respected.

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Nurse Function and Character

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