Know The Role Of The Nurse You Need To Know


Role Of The Nurse – Like other healthcare professionals, nurses have a role to be regulated according to the boundaries of healthcare services. All nurses, regardless of workplaces, such as clinics, health centres, and even hospitals, need to correctly and correctly understand and carry out these roles and obligations.

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Role Of The Nurse

After all, this role of the nurse will be a guideline not only for the general public but also for nurses and future nurses. In this case, nurses play an important role in providing the highest quality medical services to all communities.

The Role Of The Nurse

The seven important roles of a nurse to be aware of are:

The nurse, in this case, is responsible for coordinating the provision of nursing care to the patient, paying attention to the basic human needs.

  1. As an advocate for the patient, the nurse in this case assists in the communication process and provides relevant information to the patient, family, and other healthcare professionals. Nurses also help patients and their families gain their rights.
  2. As an educator, the nurse in this case provides knowledge about the health, symptoms, and behaviours that need to be taken to improve the patient’s healthy living behaviour.
  3. As a coordinator, the nurse coordinates the best medical services for the patient.
  4. As a collaborator, nurses can work with other healthcare professionals on a variety of actions that need to be taken to ensure that patients are provided with the best service.
  5. As a consultant, the nurse in this case will provide the best explanation for the various information related to the nursing services provided to the patient.
  6. As a reformer who implements systematic planning, collaboration, and change to achieve the goal of providing the best nursing services to patients.


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