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Having a sound health system is not as imagined. It turns out that hospital costs in Japan are pretty affordable, this is one of the reasons why the Japanese medical system is important.

The Japanese medical system may have some quirks, but one thing that cannot be denied is that they are very affordable.

The Japanese medical system is extraordinary. There are no long queues, the treatment is good, and the prices are reasonable for the best service that patients will get.

This was pointed out recently by a Twitter user, @u_aousg, who posted a photo of the hospital bill for their father’s heart surgery. Here’s what they wrote:

“This is the cost of my father’s emergency heart surgery. Seeing that, all I can feel is gratitude for our health insurance system. We will have dinner before he is hospitalized. “

Outside the discussion of the Japanese medical system, the number next to the light blue box is the total cost of treatment: 7,017,190 yen and the number below is the amount the patient has to pay: 53,760 yen. So the difference is about 13,000 percent!

For those who have never used the Japanese medical system before, for regular doctor visits, 70 percent of the bill is paid by the government or the patient’s company, and the patient bears the remaining 30 percent. However, for more expensive procedures such as heart surgery, there are certain limits on how much a person can pay, ensuring that they don’t go bankrupt from visiting the hospital.

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Japan may seem expensive for those from a country where health care is free. But for those who come from a country where people avoid going to the doctor or calling an ambulance for fear of the costs, the Japanese system is simply outstanding!

@u_aousg mentions that one of the reasons they are posting this is because they are worried about the future of Japanese medical system healthcare. With the new prime minister in office, there is talk of changing or changing the system, which they hope will not happen, and they want to spread the word to others.

For now, it looks like most Japanese netizens agree with them.

“I am very grateful for our medical system. It’s terrible to think how it would be without it. “People may complain about our insurance system, but compared to other countries, we are blessed.” “I feel like my monthly insurance payments are high, but looking at this, I can see that it’s important.” “My daughter had heart surgery at age one, which cost up to 8,000,000 yen without cover. Luckily the total I had to pay was only 100,000 yen instead. I would be too scared to go to the hospital if this was a country without good insurance.”

Other people share their hospital costs. Therefore, it reduced from 10,011,865 yen to 78,900 yen.

Japanese medical system
Mata Uang Yen Jepang Uang Jepang Foto Stok

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