Is it Safe to Breastfeed a Baby while Sleeping?


Breastfeed a Baby while Sleeping – Breastfeeding is a very important activity for both mother and baby. This moment does bring a sense of comfort that involves bonding between mother and baby.

Talking about comfort, knowing, and finding the right breastfeeding position is not an easy process. Especially for mothers who have just given birth. Many mothers finally choose to breastfeed in a sleeping position, especially those who have had a cesarean section and find it difficult to breastfeed in a sitting position.

However, some mothers are concerned about the safety of their baby when breastfeeding while lying down.

Summarize the safety of breastfeeding a baby in a sleeping position:

Safe Breastfeeding Position

For new mothers, finding a safe and comfortable breastfeeding position certainly requires a process. Babies don’t have to be breastfed in a sitting or standing position, Ma. Especially for mothers who went through a cesarean delivery process. Breastfeeding position while lying down, of course, can be done.

Reporting from, most breastfeeding positions involve the position of the baby lying on his side in the mother’s arms. But the most comfortable for both mother and baby is the position of the baby’s head higher than the feet.

However, for a side-lying position that involves Mama and your little one, it’s okay for babies to breastfeed directly from mama’s breast. Your baby doesn’t have a problem with spitting up or reflux disease.

Feeding from a Bottle

When feeding a baby from a bottle, it is best if the baby is in an upright position. You don’t have to sit up straight, but avoid lying down. Make sure the nipple hole is not too big so that the flow of milk is not too fast than the baby’s sucking ability.

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What Are the Risks of Breastfeeding a Baby in a Sleeping Position?

When the baby suckles while lying down, this increases the risk of spitting up and ear infections. This position also has the potential to make the baby choke. Especially in young babies, who cannot roll over and sit up on their own to help themselves.

This position can also be dangerous if the mother is fast asleep and does not pay attention to the position of the breast which could cover the baby’s nose. So make sure Mama is always awake when breastfeeding the baby in a sleeping position.

What to do if your baby spits up a lot

To reduce the risk of spitting up, you should not put the baby in a lying position immediately after feeding. Also do not shake her body after feeding. Take a break every few minutes during the feeding process. If your little one spit often every time he feeds, it could signify that he is full, and reduce his drinking portion a little.

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