How to feed a 6-month-old baby meat the right way


How to feed a 6-month-old baby – Feeding a baby is not easy. In addition to the food that must be considered for its nutritional value, mothers also need to know how to feed properly. Because the unexpected behavior of babies can cause choking while eating. Parents must know a safe position.

The correct position is sitting, not being carried, because if you are carried you usually sleep a bit. The most important thing is that you should not sleep when you want to give food. Provide a special baby seat, if you don’t have one you can put it on your lap and it must always face forward. Then apart from the position, you need to provide food textures that match the baby’s motor skills. Infants aged 6 months are still required with a pulverized texture.

Finally, the first aid method for a choking baby. If the baby is choking until it makes no sound, you should gently pat the baby on the back. Especially for babies under one year of age, you can turn your head on your stomach or lower your head. Then pat his back with the hope that pieces of food come out of the baby’s mouth.

For feeding babies aged 6 months there are some tips:

How to feed a 6-month-old baby
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If your little one wants to eat one type of solid food, wait up to 3 days before introducing another type of solid food. This period is needed to see if the baby has an allergy to the food.

When introducing MPASI, you can mix crushed fruit and vegetables with breast milk. This mixing aims to make the texture of the solid food softer so that it is easily digested by the baby.

So that the solids are richer in taste, you can add a little salt and sugar to them.

When giving MPASI, you can feed your baby water as a distraction, to help your little one swallow.

so my advice is don’t give food too fast, make a pause for the baby to swallow it first and get to know the taste, like every one mouthful give water so that the baby can swallow it so that the digestive process is also good, moreover, babies’ digestive tracts are not as perfect as adults, while adults are also It is suggested that you chew food slowly and don’t be in a hurry, especially babies, because at every age the baby will level up, so when starting solids give mashed food and avoid the risk of choking, eating quickly can cause constipation and bloating which causes air to enter from food that is too fast. because the child is not allowed to swallow perfectly. even though it seems okay, you should give the right and right food, mother.

but the mother can ask more definitively and precisely with the pediatrician via chat on the Alodokter application so that it is even clearer and more precise, mother.


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