Get to Know Your Baby’s Breastfeeding Type

Newborn baby sleep at first days of life. Portrait of new born child boy one week old sleeping peacefully with a cute soft toy in crib in cloth background.

Baby’s Breastfeeding Type – Get to know the type of breastfeeding in your baby, do you know that the success of a mother in giving breast milk will be supported by the right position and the right way to give breast milk

Knowing the right way to give breast milk:

1. Carrying Position

When you hold your baby, you can position the baby’s head in the crook of your hand. For example, if you are going to breastfeed from your right breast, you can place your baby in the crook of your right elbow and hold your buttocks in your right palm. Also, pay attention to directions to your baby so that his ears are in a straight line with the baby’s hands-on top. Meanwhile, the hands feel as if they are embracing the mother’s body, making it easier for your baby to reach the breast.

2. Cross Carrying Position

In this position, you can use your palms to support your baby. Of course, it is different from the holding position which requires the baby’s head with the bend of the elbow to support it. So if the mother is breastfeeding using the right breast, then you can use your left hand to be able to support your baby. Also hug your baby so that the baby’s head, chest, and stomach can face you. Point the mouth of the nipple using your fingers and hands behind your baby’s head and under your ears. This position is right for you to use when your baby has difficulty attaching his mouth to the nipple.

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3. Head Support Position

In supporting the baby’s head using the palm while it is tucked under your hand as if holding a ball. Likewise, if you are breastfeeding with the right breast, you can hold the baby using your hand. The way you should know in placing the baby on the side is precisely under your hand, so try to face you. Allow your baby’s legs to extend back and hands to rest on the pillow in your lap. Direct your baby’s mouth to the nipple, starting at the chin to be done carefully.

4. Side-by-side sleeping position

You can put your baby on the bed, put a pillow under the head and shoulders and include it between your knees with the help of another person so that your back and pelvis are in a straight position. Make sure the baby’s face is facing you. If needed you can use a small pillow under his head. So this position requires the baby not to straighten your baby’s neck to reach your nipple. In addition to paying attention to your position in giving breast milk to your baby. The accuracy of the position you choose is influenced by your baby’s breastfeeding style.

Baby's Breastfeeding Type

In addition, the position of breastfeeding is influenced by the habits of your baby, one example is in an energetic baby, namely a baby who does not take a long time to get breast milk. This style of breastfeeding in babies tends to be in a hurry so it requires careful attention from the mother when giving breast milk, even some mothers often complain of sore nipples due to hard and rough sucking.

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For those of you who have babies with this habit, you can breastfeed before your baby is hungry so that your baby is not too hasty when getting breast milk. Likewise, with breastfeeding, make sure your baby is in a semi-standing position so that the milk can flow directly into your baby’s stomach. Also, make sure your baby burps so he doesn’t swallow a lot of air.

Meanwhile, for your baby who has the characteristics of a breastfeeding lover, it is marked by tasting the breast milk little by little and then getting a break to rest and after that, your baby will return to enjoying breast milk. Babies of this type can satisfy their thirst. Even when getting breast milk, he will maintain eye contact with you as if he is enjoying the milk he is getting.

For those of you who have a baby who is a connoisseur in getting breast milk, you have to be patient when giving breast milk because it takes a longer time to make him full. In choosing a position, you can use a special breastfeeding pillow to avoid soreness in the hands, neck, and shoulders.

Baby's Breastfeeding Type
Newborn baby sleep at first days of life. Portrait of new born child boy one week old sleeping peacefully with a cute soft toy in crib in cloth background.

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