What third parties do we receive data from

If your website receives data about users from third parties, including advertisers, this information must be included within the section of your privacy policy dealing with third-party data.

What automated decision-making and/or profiling do we do with user data

If your website provides a service that includes automated decision-making – for example, allowing customers to apply for credit, or aggregating their data into an advertising profile – you must note that this is taking place, and include information about how that information is used, what decisions are made with that aggregated data, and what rights users have over decisions made without human intervention.

Our Advertising Partners

Some advertisers on our site may use cookies and web beacons. Our advertising partners are listed below. Each of our advertising partners has its own Privacy Policy for its policy on user data. For easier access, we link to their Privacy Policy below.

  1. Google:

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