Accident Insurance: Definition, Types, and How to Claim in Indonesia

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Accident Insurance – Various types of insurance today have been adapted to the main needs of many people. Many people are aware of the importance of having insurance for various unexpected events that can come and can be financially detrimental.

Starting from health insurance for protection from medical expenses and care when there is a decline in health, life insurance for financial security for families left by the insurance owner, and travel insurance for protection when traveling out of town or abroad.

Now, one more type of self-protection insurance is important to have, especially for people whose professions work in the field or spend most of their time outside the office where the risk of accidents is higher. This insurance is personal accident insurance.

Understanding Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance is a type of loss insurance that covers the risk of total permanent disability or death due to an accident.

Accident insurance is designed to cover the cost of treatment due to risks experienced by the insured when experiencing an accident either at work or on the road while driving, such as bodily injury caused by accident.

Having accident insurance has several advantages that insurance owners can obtain to reduce the risk of financial loss when getting an accident at work or when driving and traveling, namely:

  • Coverage for medical expenses or treatment due to accidents experienced such as temporary and permanent disability.
  • Treatment directly caused by accident, incl. For example, entering viruses or germs into a wound results from an accident.
  • Provision of compensation or sum assured for families left by the insurance owner.

The benefits of this insurance policy can be paid only if the insured dies within a predetermined period or the policy is still valid (in force) when the insured dies.

Types of Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance
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There are four types of accident insurance that you should know, especially for those of you who have a job with a high accident risk, have to spend a lot of time outside, and often travel to many places:

1. Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance aims to protect yourself from financial losses needed for treatment and care after an accident, as well as things that can be obtained when you have an accident, such as:

  • Dead
  • Serious injury
  • Minor injuries
  • Permanent disability
  • Temporary disability

Personal accident insurance is also widely owned by people with disabilities To get comprehensive protection from the risk of accidents at work or in public places.

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Several conditions must be met to receive personal accident insurance funds. Here are the requirements:

  • The source of the accident must be sudden or sudden.
  • Second, the source of the head is external factors and not intentional.
  • Third, the start of the accident was accompanied by violence.
  • Finally, the start of the beginning must be visible.
  • The arrival of the source of the accident is not wanted
  • The result of an accident must be physical injury.
  • The cause-and-effect relationship cannot be broken.

The following procedures must be done to claim personal are:

  • Fill out the claim form provided.
  • Original doctor’s statement regarding medical actions taken, including doctor’s visa.
  • Copy of ID.
  • Copy of Insurance Policy.
  • If other documents are deemed necessary, the ACP will request them immediately.

2. Work Accident Insurance

Work accident insurance is a type of accident insurance that protects you from the risk of accidents at work. Be it inside or outside the office.

If you are on assignment (working/working hours) and have an accident, the insurance company must provide compensation or cover the insurance owner’s insurance costs.

Some benefits will be obtained by participants of work accident insurance, namely:

  • Coverage for medical or treatment costs due to work accidents. Such as minor injuries, severe, non-permanent smallpox, and permanent disability.
  • Provision of compensation or insurance money for families left by workers.

The compensation will be entirely given to the family if a member dies.

Like personal, work accident insurance also has certain conditions for providing compensation. That is:

  • Partial but permanent or permanent disability means that the accident has resulted in losing one or more limbs.
  • Deficiency of function is an accident resulting in the loss of several body parts.
  • Total disability is an accident that causes a person to be unable to work or move his body.

Work insurance claim submission process (In Indonesia):

  1. Prepare and bring a doctor’s certificate for a natural accident claim in the form of BPJS Employment 3b or 3c.
  2. Photocopy of all supporting examination results (if any)
  3. Bring a photocopy of the BPJS Employment participant card.
  4. Bring receipts for treatment and care costs as well as transportation receipts.
  5. Bring a Police Certificate if the Accident involves the Police
  6. Complete the documents by bringing a photocopy of a valid identity card (KTP / SIM / Passport) and other documents relevant to the insurance process.

However, before submitting a claim, there are some exceptions in work accident insurance that you must know, namely:

  • Accidents occur due to intentional or carelessness of the person who insures or the insured.
  • Fighting, committing, or attempting suicide or committing a criminal act.
  • Some complaints of illness, such as brain disease, condition, mental disorders, or the insured is drunk.
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, surgery, or other treatment or treatment.
  • Accidents that occur when the insured is in the process of being detained or sentenced
  • Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or ocean waves.
  • War, military action from a foreign country, revolution, hostilities, civil war, armed rebellion, and other security disturbances, riots, or terrorists.
  • Driving an airplane or ship illegally.
  • Nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination.
  • Radioactivity, natural explosion, or natural damage.
Accident Insurance

3. Traffic Accident Insurance

Traffic accident insurance is an insurance that is devoted to protecting road users, both motorists, pedestrians, and people around the highway and large, from the risk of traffic accidents such as:

  • Minor injuries
  • Serious injury
  • Temporary disability
  • Permanent disability
  • Dead
  • Cost of medical treatment and hospital care.
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Traffic accident insurance itself is divided into:

  • Personal accident insurance
  • Motorcycle accident insurance
  • Car accident insurance

Traffic accident insurance exists because of the high number of accidents and even deaths on the highway.

Either due to negligence or other factors such as vehicle damage, bad weather, or other external factors.
Filing a claim with the insurance company for an accident also has several conditions that must be met.

The following are the requirements for submitting a traffic accident claim in Indonesia:

  1. Bring a photocopy of the victim’s ID card, birth certificate, marriage certificate (if married), photocopy of the heir’s ID card, and family card (KK)
  2. Bring original and valid receipts for treatment costs and drug receipts.
  3. Fill out the application form and bring your documents, such as Group Insurance Agreement letters, insurance proposals approved by prospective policyholders, and company documents.
  4. Have strong evidence of the occurrence of accidents, such as receipts or letters from the police.
  5. Determination of the heir consists of the family members themselves.
  6. Determination of the type of compensation based on the conditions experienced by the insured person.
  7. The determination of the amount of compensation is adjusted to the risks experienced.
  8. Waiting for the process of disbursing the accident victim’s account.

4. Airplane Accident Insurance

The last is insurance specifically for those who often travel using airplane transportation.

Plane accident insurance is required. If one family member becomes a victim, the family will receive compensation from the airline.

Usually, this insurance is included in the passenger’s air ticket.

The carrier operating the aircraft must be responsible for the loss of several things, such as:

  1. Passengers who die, are permanently disabled or injured
  2. Lost or damaged cabin baggage
  3. Lost, destroyed, or damaged checked baggage
  4. Air freight delay
  5. Lost, destroyed, or damaged cargo
  6. Losses suffered by third parties
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When a plane crash occurs, other than plane crash insurance. The victim has the right to claim different types of insurance, if any, namely:

  • Personal accident insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance, and
  • Travel Insurance

Before submitting a claim, the victim or heir must attach several documents, which are the main requirements before the claim submission process in the form of:

  • Flight ticket.
  • Proof of checked baggage (claim tag).
  • Air freight bill (airway bill).
  • Other evidence that supports and can be justified.
  • If the victim is a third party, they are obliged to attach a certificate from the party authorized to issue evidence of loss of life, body, and property due to the operation of the aircraft.

After the document is complete, the next step is to follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the claim submission form
  2. Attach a Certificate of Accident from the local Police or similar authorized agency
  3. Attach a Death Certificate from the Hospital
  4. Identify the victim and heirs (KTP, KK, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.)
  5. Customer insurance policy (if any)
  6. After the documents are completed, and the form is filled in, submit or send all the data to the relevant insurance party that provides the accident insurance policy.
  7. Waiting for the disbursement process.

Complete Personal Protection

You don’t have to have all the types available. But you must be able to have accident insurance that suits your needs.

Suppose you are just an employee who works in an office with a fairly low level of risk without often working outside / in the field and do not have to go on business trips out of town. You have to have personal and work accident insurance.

But if you are a person who works with a high level of mobility and a work environment with an increased risk of accidents. Then, it is mandatory to have at least 3 of the types of insurance above to be more optimal in protecting yourself from various dangers of accidents that can come at any time.


Accident Insurance - a paper beside a person typing on a laptop
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