7 Workouts To Build Abdominal Muscles


Medq.site Health – How to Build Abdominal Muscles? Building the abdominal muscles is not easy. This is due to the need for regular training. Women as well as men may have muscles in their stomachs. The secret is to make movements that can form the abdominal muscles.

It is also important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Success is also seen in the way we consume food every day. Now, here, medq.site summarized some useful movements to build the muscles of the abdomen:

How to Build Abdominal Muscles

1. Mountain climber

Mountain climber - Build Abdominal Muscles
Mountain climber

The first exercise to build abdominal muscles is a mountaineer. In addition to building the muscles of the abdomen, this movement can also train the strength of the hands and feet. The way to do that is to start in a push-up position and ensure your arms are straight, one knee is between your elbows, and your feet are behind you.

You can use your right foot and left foot alternately to climb. Later, the abdominal muscles feel “pulled”. Mountain climbers are the best exercise for burning calories and can reduce belly fat.

2. Reserve crunch

Reserve a crunch - Build Abdominal Muscles
Reserve a crunch

Want to build your abdominal muscles in a short amount of time? Book your crunch regularly. To do this, lie down and lift your legs so that your thighs and knees bend. Bring your knees closer to your chest and repeat this movement. You will feel a tighter stomach soon after doing it regularly later.

3. Plank

Plank - Build Abdominal Muscles

One way to build the abdominal muscles is to make a Plank. This step not only strengthens the core of the stomach but also builds endurance. This hands-on exercise, which does not require many tools, is suitable for doing at home.

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4. Cycling workout

The next move is like cycling. How do you do it? The procedure is as follows:

  • Straighten your back and lie on your back on the floor.
  • Place your hands behind your head.
  • Then lift your legs towards your chest and move forward a little.
  • Performs alternating foot pedaling movements such as cycling.
  • For best results, repeat this type of movement 20 times for each exercise.

5. Bird dog

If you are a beginner, use the bird dog movement to train your abdominal muscles. This movement requires the opposite limb to move at the same time. Try it in the supine position and lift your body to crawl.

Then raise one hand straight. Ashe was accompanied by one of the opposite legs extending back. Holds the position for 1 beat and then slowly returns to the start operation. Repeatedly, the abdominal muscles and legs will be strengthened.

6. Superman move

Superman move
Build Abdominal Muscles

The next method of forming the abdominal muscles may be familiar. Especially for men. Superman’s movements can be tested to achieve the ideal stomach shape. When making this move, you can use sporting goods as body support. Perform push-ups and other actions with your feet hooked on the appliance.

7. Hollow body hold

Hollow Body Hold Progression

The next move is a hollow body hold. To do this, prepare the mat and then shrug your shoulders off the floor. At the same time, raise your knees and legs to create a 90-degree angle.

Hold your back and keep this position while starting to rock back and forth. Repeat this movement for 20 seconds. Try extending your training time to make your exercise more rewarding.

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These are some of the movements you can make to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Whatever you do, always try to balance it with a healthy lifestyle. Yes, please remember. Good results will be rewarded by the long process you experience. Good luck!

Build Abdominal Muscles
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